Call me Ghost, because that's basically what I am. This blog has a whole bunch of random stuff from everything (hint though, sci fi's a fair portion of it), so hopefully it's got a little bit of something you'll like. :]
Also, I do occasionally do rp stuff on some other blogs so I guess if you want to check those out, go ahead.
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Pied Falconets (Microhierax melanoleucos)

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What, exactly, are all the skeletons fighting about?

Did somebody assassinate Archduke Femurdinand?

When I read this I put my phone down, walked out of the room, then sat at my kitchen table reevaluating the life choices I’ve made that led me to this moment.


Social Anxiety test. Scores in the 41 - 50 range indicate Severe Social Anxiety.



this little pose-helper is an awesome reference… I’VE BEEN DOODLING ON THIS THING ALL NIGHT, and for me (someone who can’t think up her own poses to save her life) it’s a glorious tool — it even has a save option so you can pop that shit right into photoshop and use it as a rough copy for your lineart. i don’t know who sent me this or why, but BLESS.

Well, this is incredibly useful and also addicting
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